About Me

Hi! My name is Kat Dranchak and I’m a senior at The Ohio State University. Currently, I’m studying Communications with a focus in New Media and Technology and the Human-Computer Interaction. I have minors in Design Thinking and Professional Writing.

I have completed two internships related to marketing and design. After my previous internship, I decided to create my own business using the skills I have been developing. Currently I am working with clients doing design, marketing, and lead generation work. 

During my first internship at the Dayton, Ohio nonprofit St. Vincent de Paul I was a Social Media Marketing intern. In this position I created graphics for social media, wrote social media marketing plans, and conducted my own marketing campaign. I began to develop my writing and design skills, and my creativity was sparked.

At my last internship at Cmax Advisors in Columbus, Ohio I was able to expand on my skills as a Small Business Intern. In the position I worked with local small businesses and entrepreneurs. I did marketing, wrote social media/marketing plans, compiled social media and website data, created graphics, designed both print and digital designs, and designed websites for clients.