CMax Advisors

CMax Advisors Social Media Management

I managed Columbus outsourcing company, CMax Advisors, social media from October 2017-December 2018. I used the scheduling website Hootsuite to manage their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus pages. My main goals were to keep consistent branding, maintain a regular posting schedule, and to get our followers to visit our website.


Weekly I developed a social media plan consisting of each post’s scheduled date and time, graphic, and any links. This was then approved by another employee. I then scheduled each post in Hootsuite to ensure it would be posted at the optimal time. 


Along with managing CMax’s social media, I also managed their website. I updated pages and added blogs 1-2 times a month. I worked over the summer of 2018 to improve the SEO and speed of our site. From this I improved both my SEO and Google Analytics skills.