Communication... You Do it Everyday... Now Study it!

In this writing sample is about the communication major and program at The Ohio State University.

The Book Loft: Website Redesign, Usability and Customer Testing

Spring 2019 I, along with my 2 other group members Joey Wong and Claire Reed, completed a semester long in-depth website redesign and usability/customer testing project. We proposed a website redesign for local Columbus bookstore: The Book Loft. We conducted interviews with Book Loft customers, created prototypes using Adobe XD, and conducted usability research.

iOS vs Android: Usability

In Spring 2019 I, along with my group member, completed a study on the usability of iOS and Android. This was a semester long study, involving us designing the study, creating and sending out a survey-experiment, and ending with analyzing and putting our data into a research report. This project will be placed on my website to view on April 23rd.